Mark 5 – Fog – AYWJ 08

This was one of those mornings that I would have loved to be out hiking if I didn’t already have an all day commitment. I love hikes through the fog and seeing things emerge as I walk. Fog is often a beautiful thing. But “fog” can also be those times of pain, confusion, fear, anxiety, and so forth where one is longing to see more than what is immediately apparent.

Two of the stories in Mark 5 tell of times such as these. The Gerasene man possessed by a demon and the unnamed woman who longed to be healed of her bleeding. Both longed for the fog to lift and for the light to shine forth.

While the man didn’t ask to be healed, the woman reached for just the tiniest bit of Jesus in desperate hope of healing. And there through the fog is hope – Jesus who not only physically heals her but also honors her. The man also is able to see something new as the fog lifts from his life.

I am grateful for the fog lifting moments in my life and I’m praying tonight for those still surrounded by the fog.

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