John 10 – Voice

I ended up listening to John 10 this morning as I walked my dog rather than reading it early this morning as I normally do. So, I was listening to Jesus’ words about the sheep hearing the shepherd’s voice and responding because they know his voice. It got me reflecting back upon how my wife and I can recognize our kids’ voices in the midst of crowds, can recognize which kid is coming down the stairs because of the cadence of their steps, and so forth. And I think our kids would probably say the same about us. With those we spend great amounts of time, we begin to know them for so many reasons.

That’s how I want to be with Jesus. I want to be able to hear the call of Jesus over and through everything else in life. I want to be able to hear Jesus’ calling when I listen to the news, when I talk with others, when I am out in nature, when I am awake, when I am asleep. I want to be able to hear Jesus when my interior life is loud and when it is still and quiet. And while I am still working on it, I am grateful that no matter what, Jesus can hear each of us.

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