Slowing Down

So, this is sort of a reflection on some of what I’ve been reading in Matthew, especially in chapter 7 when I read about taking the different (and oft bumpy) road rather than the wide and easy one. That sort of came to my heart today as I took Scout on a late afternoon walk on a stunningly beautiful Spring day. As we were going along, she stopped and decided that it was just time to sit in the grass and roll around. We were in front of a house about halfway through our walk and she was just not going to go any further. And she just laid there in the grass and rolled around. So, rather than just trying to push it to get going, I just sat down with her there and just gave her some belly rubs and enjoyed the beauty of the day for probably about 15 minutes before Scout was ready to get going.

So, as we were on our way home, we were crossing the street and were blessed to come across a dear friend of mine who was walking home. We had a brief chat but simply good to see my friend, Bill. But if I had not taken the time when Scout laid down, I wouldn’t have seen Bill on my way home today.

Slowing down, taking the slow route…oftentimes the best way to go.

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