Matthew 12 – Act Beautifully

In this chapter, there’s a story of Jesus healing a man with a paralyzed hand. In being questioned about whether it would be ok to heal the man on the sabbath day, Jesus responds “So its perfectly all right to act beautifully on a Sunday” (Cotton Patch version).

Act beautifully.

I just stopped reading at that point with those two words.

Act beautifully.

What if that was a guiding principle for all of us? What if we all intentionally sought to act beautifully every day? What if that was one of our core goals in our relationships with those close to us and those we just meet? What if that was our goal in how we thought about people we might never meet? What if that was the standard we put out for our leaders to follow? What if that was what we sought to take in through what we read, see, and are amused by? What if people saw the beautiful Christ in us by our beautiful acts?

Act beautifully.

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