We Aren’t All That Different

Yesterday night, Amy shared a beautiful message with the congregation starting in Genesis 1 of how we are not all that different. Yes, different skin colors, languages, and customs but underneath…not that different. We have been struck by how we have heard some of the very things many times here in Nairobi that we hear back home.

The hope in a woman who was just starting a bakery business after years of trying to make ends meet.

New friends sharing prayer requests with one another

Pastors sharing of the hopes and challenges they face in ministry and encouraging one another in their work regardless of their nationality

Sharing dreams and visions of what God can do to transform communities

Children and their teachers working together toward a new future

The challenges faced are so similar – governments that don’t seem to be concerned with improving the needs of the many but only the few, finding balance between the need for work and the need to care for family, availability of quality healthcare, divisions across tribes and political parties, and the list continues.

While how these blessings and challenges are experienced are different in different places, underneath them we are dealing with many of the same things. But we are all people created in the image of God as Genesis speaks of. As Paul later shared, there’s no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female – all are one in Christ. As Paul writes in Ephesians and as my friends in Mosaix focus upon – God wants to work us to One New Humanity.

We’re not all that different.

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