So. Much. Life.

One of my favorite television shows had a scene in an episode where the core characters are witnessing a migration of animals across the plains of Africa and Laura says, “So. Much. Life” just before she herself passes away.

So. Much. Life.

That’s what I am feeling as we prepare for our last day tomorrow in Kenya. We have been blessed by the vitality and energy of this beautiful country. Of the people of Kenya. Of the churches of Kenya. Of the nature and creation all around Kenya.

So. Much. Life.

Even in the midst of very real struggles, there is so much life here. We experienced it as we shared in the crusade in Keroka and more people gathered every day and the movement of the Spirit of God grew more and more. We experienced it in the worship meetings after each crusade as the energy and joy just emanated from the simple sanctuary. We experienced it in those who were leading and gave so much of themselves in Word, in music, in dance. We experienced it in the incredible graciousness of truly EVERYONE we have met here. We experienced it in Nairobi when we traveled to serve with the church there and we were welcomed like old friends and embraced in every way possible. We experienced it in the openness with with people shared their lives with us.

So. Much. Life.

And as we have nearly closed our time in Kenya with a few days in Masai Mara, we have seen the amazing life that is all around in this stunningly beautiful place. The beauty of the way a newborn animal is spoken of – not “the mother gave birth” but “the mother gave back a baby” like it is a gift to the world. As we took in the incredible diversity of life here in the Mara, so much life kept coming to me. So. Much. Life.

Jesus spoke of how he came to bring us life. “I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullest.” Jesus didn’t come to bring death and division. Jesus didn’t come to focus on scarcity and not-enough. Jesus didn’t come to beat down. Jesus came to bring us life here and life eternal. Jesus came to bring together and to heal. Jesus came to show us how to love one another and to love God. So. Much. Life. That’s what Jesus wants for us here and for eternity.

So, I will be leaving this beautiful country tomorrow evening full of life. My heart and spirit are so full from all that we have taken in, shared, and learned over these last 10 days. I am so grateful.

So. Much. Life.

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