A Little Bit of Dirt

This morning the cotton patch version of Luke in chapter 6 had Jesus talking about us being the “spittin’ image” of God when we love in radical ways. That passage came back to me as I was putting my sandals on for a walk with the dog a bit later. I noticed a small bit of dirt on the front of the left one – it was mud left from when I accidentally dragged my toe in some dirt in Kisii when we first arrived in Kenya. It won’t be there likely for long as often as I wear my sandals in summer.

But here’s the thing with it – there was a saying I’ve heard and used many times – follow Jesus so close that we are covered in the dust of his sandals. Follow our teacher so closely that we are covered in where he’s been. That we ultimately look like him – the spittin’ image.

I don’t want to lose what God showed me while we were serving in Kenya. Yes we are back to “normal” life here but that doesn’t change anything of what God challenged me and encouraged me with in Kenya. I want those marks to stay no matter what.

The dirt on the sandal will eventually wash off but God, keep working on me.

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