John 15 – Rooted with Each Other

This morning I came to one of the most significant passages of Scripture in my life – from John 15. Selections from this chapter were the passages read at my and my wife’s wedding. It formed the basis for everything about the wedding – the rootedness that we have in the vine that is the Christ in our lives. We also loved the imagery as we remembered the way that we were rooted with others as well, no matter where we are or what is happening.

Just in the last 48 hours, I’ve gotten news about several different people that has been difficult to hear. Of those people, four were people who were at our wedding. They heard these words from John 15. They received the bread of communion shared by Amy and me. They made a commitment to us to pray for us and support us in our life together. Rooted with one another.

I saw this rootedness in a series of pictures I’ve taken over the last few days – low-light pics taken early in the morning. Wasn’t really planned out but just kind of happened that way. It started with this flower that I saw on a very early morning walk with Scout yesterday. The sun was just starting to rise (on a cloudy morning too) and this beautiful flower was blooming, greeting the new day. But when I took the picture, this bloom is surrounded in darkness. But behind and around it you see the other blooms, ones connected to this one. Rootedness and connection.

So this afternoon, I’m praying for these dear friends whose news I have been hearing about the last 48 hours. I am praying for the light of healing, strength, comfort, peace, and hope to shine in their lives in these difficult times and praying for their knowledge that no matter whether we are physically near one another, that we are still rooted together.

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