The Path

Today was the rest and renewal day at Montreat. We’ve been going full on 830a-830p each day thus far so today was only until 12 and we had the afternoon and evening free. So naturally I had to go hiking. I took the longest trail here at Montreat (10 mile round trip and 2000’ elevation rise). The hike was spectacular. Walking among the lush green and just soaking in the beauty of where we are. But the end of the hike was honestly disappointing. We didn’t walk out into an open area on top just to an area with a pretty nice view but not what I was expecting.

But the hike was the thing. We hiked over creeks, climbed rocks, wove between bushes, climbed over fallen trees, saw glimpses through the trees of the vistas, and were blessed by the awesome beauty around us. Me and my hiking companion also spoke of the awesomeness of creation of our bodies that are able to do things like this and everything that needs to function together to do this.

There’s a lesson about discipleship in this for me. So much we focus on the destination – whether it is an eternal destination or ones in this earthly life. I’m going to pray more, be more faithful, read scripture faithfully, share more of my faith, draw in new people to church, serve more consistently, and so forth. But we can get so focused on the destination that we miss everything along the way.

Jesus spoke of discipleship as a daily following. “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” It is a day by day thing. Day by day life isn’t about the destination but what happens through each day.

So my picture today is the destination of our hike but that is because that’s the only picture I took during the hike. The rest was just enjoying the climb up and the descent home.

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