Matthew 7 – Foundation

The Sermon on the Mount ends with a parable of sorts about building on the foundation of Jesus’ teachings – the foundation made of rock doesn’t wash away when the storms come whereas the foundation of stone is destroyed. As I read that this morning, I remembered something a friend of mine posted last week about how enchantment is the “shape of his spiritual life.” I really loved that idea and I also think you could substitute “foundation” for shape. For me, it isn’t enchantment as much as it has grown to be “beauty” is the shape / foundation of my spiritual life. I don’t know that I would have said that 5-6 years ago but that is absolutely the foundation for me today. Finding beauty through all times and in all places. Finding the divine, the holy, the wondrous, the awe all around. And not only finding it for me but trying to share it with others. It is too easy to miss the beauty that is there and I am grateful that God has blessed me with eyes to see and a heart open to discover and share. Sometimes that beauty is as simple as a small ray of light shining on a path in the early morning.

So, that’s the foundation of my spiritual life. What’s yours?

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