Matthew 13 – Is Like

When I read this chapter of Matthew, it feels to me like Jesus is just looking around and finding one thing after another and sharing how that mustard seed, yeast, plants, weeds, and so forth all speak to the reality of the Kingdom of God. I’m sure it was probably teachings cobbled together that spoke of a similar idea but it is still a fun image to hold onto. Like if Jesus was in a grocery store, he would be grabbing an orange or a loaf of bread or a cupcake or a jug of milk and saying how each spoke of the Kingdom of God. That’s one of the things that I love about what God has stirred in my life with photography – it is to see where I can find the reality of God all around me no matter what. In this case, it was a stump that I’ve walked past many times before but for some reason, on Friday morning, it looked like a hand reaching up. Maybe it doesn’t look that to you but it still speaks that to me – reaching up and out to those walking by and up and out to the Creator.

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