Matthew 17 – Transfiguration

I wonder about the transfiguration that’s described here. Obviously, trying to understand what it actually looked like is pretty impossible but one thing I do wonder is did it start slowly and end slowly or was it instantaneous both when it began and when it ended? What was it like?

Yesterday morning was another coincidental timing thing – out for a beautiful walk and as I came out of trees into a clearing…there was this rainbow. It was almost a full rainbow. Just beautiful. It was there for a LONG time – enough time for me to walk through another wooded area and to come out and it was still there. But I could tell that it was slowly starting to fade and then about an hour later, it was gone.

Wonder and beauty are like that – we need to take it in when we see and experience it. It may be there a while, it may fade away. Take it in now. Hold it. Celebrate it. Give thanks for it.

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