Matthew 20 (part 2) – Blind

In one of those ice-breaker get-to-know-you games, I was asked one time about what sense I would least want to lose – taste, sight, hearing, smell, or touch. It was a pretty easy answer for me – sight. For me, as one who takes in so much of the world through my camera lens (and my eyes), losing my sight would be a tough thing to handle for sure. (My wife says that I can’t smell anything so I guess I only could choose between the remaining 4). But losing my sight would be tough without a doubt.

But what must it have been like for the blind men in the last few verses of chapter 20 to see either for the first time or to see once again? We don’t know whether they were born blind or whether they lost their sight sometime along the way. But what must it have been like? All we read is that after they regained their sight, they began to follow Jesus. Overwhelming? Joyous? Something else? And the way that the story is told, it wasn’t a gradual thing but all-of-a-sudden…Wow.

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  1. Ed, I worked with a blind (since age 2) technician and we often went out to lunch together. Once there were deaf folk in the restaurant, signing and grunting. Gordon asked what was going on. I explained. “Oh, John,” he said, “I feel so sorry for them, not being able to hear anything.” He was comfortable with his blindness, and felt empathy for those who couldn’t hear….

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