Matthew 28 – Sunrise

As anyone who has read my posts knows, I love sunrises.  I’m always up early and always looking for the next beautiful sunrise.  The reality is that every sunrise is beautiful because every sunrise is the promise of something new.  A new day.  A new beginning.  New colors in the sky.  New patterns of the clouds.  New hope.  New.  

Matthew tells the story of Mary Magdalene and “the other Mary” coming to the tomb as the day was dawning.  The sun just beginning to rise presumably.  And they encountered that which overjoyed them, terrified them, confused them, gave them hope.  Resurrection will do that.  It is so outside what they expected or any of us expect and all those feelings would be expected given the circumstances.  I am sure I’d feel similarly.  

And as much as we want to try to “prove it”, the resurrection remains a mystery.  How it happened, when exactly it happened, even some of the why it happened.  It is a mystery.  But it is a joy.  It is a hope.  It is what transformed the lives of Mary and Mary first and then the eleven to whom they went, and all the way to us today.  

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