Mark 5 – Boldness

The last part of Mark 5 feels like a lot about boldness and being willing to cross a line that others might not be willing to do. We read of a man named Jairus, who was a synagogue leader, falling at Jesus’ feet begging him to heal his daughter. This had potential for danger for this man – Jesus was not universally loved by the religious leaders of the day, yet Jairus crosses a line to fall before Jesus because he is desperate for his daughter. Then when Jesus is going to Jairus’ home, a woman sneaks out of the crowd and reaches out to try to just touch the hem of Jesus’ cloak hoping to be healed of bleeding. She risks a lot just doing that because of the purity laws of the day. And she responds when Jesus calls to her and she is healed. Then when Jesus arrives at the home, the girl has died but what is striking is that the people there in the home laugh at Jesus when he says something that sounds ridiculous. “She isn’t dead, she’s just sleeping.” They laugh at Jesus!

But Jesus has the last laugh as he tells the little girl to get up and she does.

Jairus’ boldness for his daughter. The woman’s boldness for her own healing. Jesus’ boldness calling upon the power of God. All of them crossing lines. Makes a difference

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