Mark 9 – GOAT

I don’t know when it started but recently, GOAT has made it into all kinds of discussions. Not the farm animal but Greatest Of All Time. I’ve seen it in reference to quarterbacks (definitely Elway, not Brady), movies, politicians, and of course golfers. I have seen Tiger Woods on several occasions, most recently at Pebble Beach this past summer and it is really incredible the way that the crowds swarm around him no matter how he is playing.

In Mark 9, Jesus shuts down a debate among his followers about which of them was the greatest. The irony in their debate is that they’ve likely heard Jesus talk many times by this point about being a servant and putting yourself aside for the sake of others. I preached on this idea this past Sunday in fact and blogged about a similar idea a few weeks ago.

There isn’t any discussion about the SOAT – servant of all time. That doesn’t get the press, or the crowds, or the books written. Yet that is the way of Jesus…

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