Luke 3 – Live It

I noticed something about the story of John and his baptizing people (including Jesus) in the wilderness in Luke. When the people asked him what they ought to do, his response wasn’t “come get baptized” (they might have already been by that point) or “give me money.” It was “get to work.” He spoke of sharing what they had, being good stewards, being honest people, and so forth. What I heard in that was two words, “live it.”

I read this a few days ago and have been wondering how to capture the idea of living it. Today it was in my time with two dear brothers in Christ and colleagues in ministry with whom I shared tea and coffee today. We spoke of our lives and of what’s happening for us but the conversation moved into “getting to work” in things we are passionate about and what we hope to see happen in our city for the Kingdom of God. These brothers remind me and push me

John’s response wasn’t – get baptized…it was share what you have, live with integrity…live it.

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