Luke 4 – See, Hear, Feel

Yesterday morning, my meditation app led me through a practice about seeing, hearing, feeling. Be super attentive to what I was seeing around me, what I was hearing taking place, and what I was feeling (that last one being the toughest). So, I read Luke 4 with that practice in mind.

I saw Jesus off by himself in the wilderness being tempted. I saw him then back among the people, some he knew, some he did not. I saw his power at work in healings and in resisting the temptations.

I heard the whispering to Jesus during the temptations, his teachings in two different houses of worship, his responses to those who challenged him, the powerful declarations the he spoke.

I felt the hunger and thirst of days in the wilderness, the awe at his power, the anger at those who were challenged by him, the joy of the one who was set free, the wholeness that came.

Seeing, hearing, feeling.

But how to capture that in a picture which is often just about what one sees. This picture though seems to capture more than just what is seen. Yes one sees the color and the frost and the post-autumn plants. But in all of that, I can feel the cold of a brisk morning and can hear the deeper silence that a cold late-autumn morning brings. For me, a morning such as that brings a deep sense of renewal that is to come and the cold air also brings an invigoration for me, a deep sense of aliveness. Seeing my breaths as I walk and the warmth of my gloves speak to a wonderful contrast.

Seeing. Hearing. Feeling.

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