Luke 9 – Polling

It has only just begun. These are a few of the cards that came in the mail over the last week leading up to the local elections we had recently. But I cannot imagine what will be coming as we get into 2020. There’s plenty of it out there right now. I read articles today with polls about impeachment, about favorability, about who is leading the Dems in Iowa…just today…its gonna be great (sarcasm). So maybe it wasn’t a surprise that I thought of polling when I read about Jesus asking his disciples, who do the people say that I am? Answer – “Well, 25% say Elijah, 15% say John the Baptist…”I wonder if Gallup or Pew was around at the time, what might the polls have said?

But the big answer wasn’t what the others said, it was when Jesus asked, but who do you say that I am? And there is it…it isn’t what others are saying, it is what is the Spirit saying to you?

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