Luke 14 – Table

I love how many of Jesus’ stories have to do with people sharing time at a table. Just in chapter 14 we have multiple stories – Jesus at a meal hosted by one of the Pharisees where he tells a parable about humility and hospitality based upon how the people chose where they were going to sit. He then told another parable about a great dinner being hosted. The chapter then ends with his teaching about how the cost of discipleship.

A few Sundays ago, our children’s sermon focused on how we are to be working on making the table bigger and always adding more spots to sit. So, we pulled out a card table in the chancel and saw how many people we could fit around that table and kept squeezing more and more chairs in. It was great. What was great about how we did it was that we worked to be sure that we could all still reach in and join hands. I loved it.

I think that’s a lot of what God wants for us – a table that just keeps growing…

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