Advent Day 3 – Wisdom

This morning Tim wrote about the past and the experiences of where he’s been and where he’s come to today. He shared of places where he’s been and found the remnants of what used to be there – walls, homes, etc. He also specifically pointed to Proverbs 3 which is a beautiful passage about the power and necessity of wisdom in our lives and how much of wisdom is what is passed down from older to younger. As Tim wrote about those places he had come upon, it got me thinking of similar places for me – places where a wall just sits in the middle of an open area or the walls of a house (?) have fallen in and just framing and planks remain. Or of a place near my in-laws where there stands a fireplace, an old sink, and some pieces of scrap metal. What had been there? Who had been there? What happened to them?

Wisdom feels to be in short supply today because wisdom takes time. Wisdom doesn’t come from sound bytes or 140 character messages. Wisdom comes in conversation, in relationship, in time. It isn’t fast but instead it is slow and deliberate. It is rooted in what has been and her roots run deep. I am grateful for the wisdom of God, the wisdom of others, the wisdom of those, like Tim, who are able to see much more than just an old wall, but something far deeper.

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