Advent Day 7 – Light

I read Howard’s devotional just before I started out on a walk this morning. It was a beautiful and cold morning with a heavy frost illuminated by the low sun. Light was shining and reflecting everywhere. Howard asked this morning, “Can you imagine Advent and Christmas without the lights?” So very true. As I got back home from my walk, I noticed how the sun was lighting up our Christmas lights on our fence. The lights weren’t “on” but they were shining, not because of the electricity but because of the light that was shining everywhere this morning.

Howard concluded with this:

We approach this time of year of fewest hours of daylight and greatest hours of darkness. Do you sense a decline in Christian faith in our society? Is the darkness trying to overcome the light? How are you and I trying to embody the light of Christ in our little corner of the world? Do we bring love, hope and faith in our interactions with our family, neighbors, and strangers? May we carry the light of Christ in our hearts, minds, and actions always.

Amen. Thank you Howard.

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