Advent Day 13 – Moving Beyond

In yesterday’s devotion, Bert wrote something that sparked an image in my heart and mind. He wrote:

The Christmas season is a time that we all ponder its true meaning, beyond the lights, beyond the presents, and beyond the Christmas carols. Who is Jesus and why do we celebrate his birth

As I read it, I imagined seeing the nativity through some of the lights in our house. And this picture is somewhat close to what I was imagining. This nativity is one of my favorites that we have because it is not only a very creative and beautiful piece but it has a deeper story. I bought it in Cambodia in 2011 and it was crafted by women who had been rescued from sex trafficking in SE Asia. They were working to find a better life for themselves and these crafts were one part of that journey.

This nativity speaks to me of the deep meaning of the Christ – one who came to set us free – fully free – not only for the life to come but the life now.

Bert ended the devotion with the following:

So this season, enjoy the true gift, the greatest gift: Immanuel-God with you.

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