Advent Day 15 – Transformation

One of the things that I love about the passages from Isaiah in Advent is that they are at their root about the total transformation of the world. Today’s (from Isaiah 35) speaks of this as it goes from one contrast to another – the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the exiled will be returned, the ransomed will be redeemed, and the list goes on. Nothing will be as it once was.

I was a small glimpse on this as I was walking Saturday morning. I was doing my normal morning walk and everything was wet from the rain from the day before. In several places, I saw a transformation that was just for that moment in that place. What were ordinary branches and berries were transformed into what came to my heart and mind as “God’s Christmas lights.” The pictures don’t capture how the sun hit them but as I approached them they were glistening and shining beautifully. It was stunning. It felt like a transformation of what were ordinary bushes into a moment that was extraordinary.

It was only a glimpse and it was nowhere near the fullness of the total transformation that is coming but I am grateful for even the tiniest glimpse into what will be.

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