Advent Day 18 – Constant

This is how my weird mind works…when I was reading Amy’s devotion this morning, my mind went to an episode of the early 2000s show, Lost. Without getting too far into the details, there was an episode called “The Constant” where one character had to have something/someone in their life that was their “constant” that would keep them rooted no matter what would happen. Easily one of the best episodes of Lost…but back to Advent…

Amy says it simply, “Yet the one constant is Jesus’ enduring love for us. He reminds us to see the good, the beauty, and the everyday wonder of life.”

I feel I have come to a place where my faith constant is the path of faith. I have definitely changed over the years in my faith where years ago I might have said that my constant was the destination, the end point of following Jesus. But it is definitely the day-to-day path, the day-to-day way of Jesus. It is the daily practice of seeing, feeling, sharing the reality of the divine and the holy and the beauty of God. It is definitely “fuzzier” but it has transformed my life but like Amy shared in what she wrote, to me, I find it is in the day-to-day way of Jesus that I see the good, the beauty, and the everyday wonder.

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