2019 – A Year With Jesus

I just need to first say this to the person who dropped these glitter pieces all over the trail I walked this afternoon…yes it is pretty but these will end up in the water, in animals’ bellies, and so forth. Please don’t do it again. Disclaimer ended.

Even with the disclaimer, I have to say it was really pretty to walk this trail today and see the glints of color and shine along the grey and brown path on a grey and dull light day. I wasn’t going to be on this trail today initially either but a series of things led me to that trail. And as I walked, all of it spoke to me of the past year. As I read through the Gospels in my “Year With Jesus,” I felt like I was walking on familiar territory – just like this trail that I’ve walked many times over. But as I read it time and again this year, I kept finding new things, kept feeling the Spirit speaking in new ways, and also reminding me of old truths that have been with me for a very long time.

Much like these little glimpses of color and light along the path today – a familiar path but a lot of new beauty and wonder. I’m grateful for this journey over the last year.

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