Romans 12 – Socks and Community

I read Romans 12 yesterday morning and was just humbled by what Paul shares in those words. If we want to have a picture of what we are supposed to look like as Christians and as the church, there it is.

Daily acts of discipleship? Yes

Serving one another? Yes

Loving our neighbor? Yes

Loving our enemy? Yes

Worship? Yes

Community? Yes

Unity? Yes

Beauty? Yes

Joy? Yes

Sacrificial Living? Yes

Witness? Yes

Using our gifts? Yes

Humility? Yes

Peace? Yes

If you haven’t read Romans 12 recently, you really need to do so. Here’s a link just in case…

Yesterday I was also blessed by what we shared in worship. We celebrated 560 pairs of socks that are being taken to the border by one of our members who is going to serve with a congregation ministering to people on both sides of the border. The socks are for those children, women, and men who have traveled to the border trying to find a better life. This suitcase just kept overflowing more and more as more and more packages showed up. It was awesome.

And then after worship, we had our newcomers lunch where some of our longer term folks (oldcomers?) shared about how God has been at work in their lives through Christ Church and some of our new folks shared about how God had led them to CC and how they are excited for what is to come. My charge to the group was to simply read Romans 12 when they got home. Says it all of what we are supposed to be.

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