Ok, so I will first completely own the fact that I was one of the thousands who were lined up outside of Galaxy’s Edge on Sunday morning waiting for the moment when we could hop on our Disney apps and try to get a pass to ride the new Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios. So, this applies to me as much as anyone else. Disclaimer over.

I mentioned to my wife as we were crowded on every side with people all with a common purpose that morning how I wish that people were this intent on getting to worship every Sunday. It was very much a religious experience that was taking place. There were the thousands who gathered for a common purpose, people who went crazily silent every time an announcement was made about what was going to happen, the crazy anticipation of what could be if all went right for us to get one the passes for the ride, and then the rest of the day with entering into a place that was designed to literally give a sense of being in a place from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Again, I was one of those thousands and I had an absolutely amazing time there but as I mentioned, I found myself thinking and praying about what could be if people were this committed and passionate about following Jesus in their lives. What if I (and millions others) put the similar energy, passion, and resources towards following the way of Jesus…what could happen in the world – how many people would be fed, clothed, freed, visited, cared for, and brought along on the way? A good reminder to me and challenge to us all.

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