Jesus Loves All of Them

One more Disney/Universal/Orlando reflection… One of the great things about parks like this is that you encounter people of all types. There are people who are incredibly wealthy and it is no issue for them to spend lots of money for a trip like this. There are others who saved for years to make the trip happen. There are the people who are working at the parks just to scrape by a living and there are people working there seeking to advance to something greater. There are people of all skin tones, backgrounds, languages, religions, and nationalities. There are people of all kinds of relationships – single, married (all forms), divorced, widowed. There are kids who are so excited to be there and there are kids who are exhausted, hungry, hot, and ready for a nap. I could continue on but you get the idea.

We were in line for one of the rides and my awesome wife turned to me and said, “Isn’t it beautiful that Jesus loves ALL kinds of people – every single person who is here in this park? Jesus loves them all.” So so so very true. I am grateful for my awesome wife who reminds me of these things when I might have only been focused on how much longer the line was going to take and instead was able to use that time and others that followed as opportunities to give thanks for God’s amazing love and to pray for all those I encountered the last few days.

For God so loved THE WORLD…

John 3:16a
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