Lent 19 – Celebrate

Ok I have to say that when I saw this as the theme for today I thought something like, “really?!” Life had been turned rather upside down in so many ways with likely more disruptions to come and I have to find something to celebrate? Well, I found it pretty quickly as I got to the church today and a group of us came together and slapped together a system that allowed us to stream our service and connect to a bunch of people in a beautiful way.

So this evening I celebrate:

• Each person who helped put this together today – Laura, Toni, Max, Alex, Pam, Kelly.

• For each person who was a part of the service remotely as well – people literally from coast to coast and just down the street

• For those who opened their homes to others in our congregation who didn’t have internet access and wanted to be a part of it

• For two churches coming together to share this time and likely several more who will do the same next week

• For the amazing affirmation of a friend about my sermon today

• For the technology that allows us to do this and for the gifts that God has given me to help put it together

• But most of all, I give thanks for the reminder that was a core part of my sermon – of the God who is not just with us in this time (and in all times), but the God who is also for us.

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  1. the service Sunday was inspiring and memorable. Just a thought: was this the a precursor to virtual church attendance? Just a thought.

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