Lent 20 – Revealed

One of the things that I have heard people ask many times the last few days since the Covid-19 thing became very real for most of us (and likely to get more real in the comings days) is “what will be revealed in us” as this progresses and continues. Will we be revealed to be people who are altruistic and caring? Or will we be revealed to be self-focused and isolationist? In my sermon on Sunday, one of the key things that I kept going back to were words written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer over 80 years ago in Life Together. He wrote that being in community with one another means more than just being with one another but even more so being for one another.

We have been doing a lot of with one another I think but not nearly enough for one another. But this current situation will require a lot more for than with. Will we be revealed to be people willing to be truly for one another?

Our young tree in the front of our house is just starting to bloom. There are lots of buds that are just starting ti poke out. I generally know what they will look like because they do this every year but there’s something wonderful about waiting to see them truly revealed when they finally do bloom. I pray that what is revealed in us is beautiful.

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