Lent 22 – Sent

Yesterday morning I woke to words from a dear friend of mine, Rabbi David who wrote on his facebook page…

I have been seeing the exponential growth graph for covid. I am asking you to make one for words of love and kindness on facebookI. If each of us infects 2-3 people with love and kindness we can change the course of isolation and fear. And if you do it everytime you go on Facebook the growth would be amazing. Let’s do this together just 2-3 people. To all of you I send love and kindness…David

I woke up this morning to an anxious pit in my stomach. Not anxiousness about whether I’m going to get sick or not but anxiousness about managing the complete upheaval of our normal lives which is manifesting itself in different ways. Anxiousness for our friends and neighbors who are dealing with the exact same thing. Anxiousness about what we are able to do.

In the midst as I was working through my meditation time and practice, Rabbi David’s words came back to me. Love and kindness. Obviously there is more that we can do, but in a sense there isn’t anything greater that we can do. Love and kindness are at the root. Even as we deal with isolation and changes in life, we are still sent – all of us – sent to be people who love our neighbors as well as our enemies, sent to be people who are kind and caring and patient.

Thank you Rabbi David.

(Photo taken of a kindness rock that I saw while on a walk two days ago – just sitting there by itself…)

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