Praying the Psalms

Just a bit of a sidebar from my Lenten posts to shift to what I am doing for myself spiritually and also how I am sharing some of that with the congregation I serve. I had been doing a practice of reading through Paul’s letters this year but when the Covid-19 pandemic came to a reality, I shifted back to a place where I found myself several years ago. In that time I was wrestling with a lot of personal, spiritual, emotional, and vocational issues and a friend led me to the Psalms for that season of life. As we are in this very new season for all of us, I found myself drawn back to those ancient words and songs once again. And once again, I am finding the voice of God speaking through these words of varied experiences, emotions, and depth. I am finding hope, question, wrestling, love, compassion, anxiety – all of it prayers to God.

So I am reading a Psalm each day once again but reading them alongside Rev. Martha Spong’s (editor) book of poems inspired by each Psalm – The Words of Her Mouth. I am journaling on my own about them but also I am sharing these with the congregation through daily videos that I am posting on our youtube channel. I have kept meaning to also post them here but kept forgetting (until now that is). So, we are up to Psalm 8 so far and I’ll just embed each of those below if you want to take them in and then I’ll try to get them posted each day here as well so it isn’t 8 of them in a row on one day.

Psalm 1
Psalm 2
Psalm 3
Psalm 4
Psalm 5
Psalm 6
Psalm 7
Psalm 8
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