Lent 33 – Celebrate

Last night, my wife and I went on a walk with one of our sons and with Scout at around sunset. It was a lovely night, beautiful sunset, lots of beauty and grateful to just be outside. There was much to celebrate about the walk last night but I simply wanted to celebrate the surprising thing that I found. I’ve walked right by this I don’t know how many times and yet somehow I haven’t noticed it.

There under a little shelter was this round stone engraved with the words of a Wendell Berry poem simply entitled “Woods.” I love his poetry but even more I love his heart for nature and creation. I was so excited to see this and celebrate this surprising blessing!

Here is the poem a little easier to read…

I part the out thrusting branches
and come in beneath
the blessed and the blessing trees.
Though I am silent
there is singing around me.
Though I am dark
there is vision around me.
Though I am heavy
there is flight around me.

“Woods” by Wendell Berry
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