Lent 36 – Innocent

Time for some Scout time.  Yesterday morning was a beautiful sunrise morning and I went out to record more of my Psalm videos for the church I serve and also to just get out in the beauty of the morning.  It was stunningly beautiful.  It also was a chance for Scout to get out of her “cone of shame” that she’s had to wear the last few days because of a “hot spot” on one of her legs.  So there was great joy for her and for me being out yesterday.  What I love (of many things) about Scout is that she just has a simplicity of her joys for things in life.  Things aren’t complicated fo her.  Eat, sleep, sniff, chase, sleep, get belly rubs, be cute, go for walks, snuggle up…pretty simple.  There’s a wonderful innocence about that.  

Jesus spoke of how we are needing to become like children in order to enter the kingdom of God.  I don’t think that Jesus meant that we go back to being immature but instead to rediscover and be reborn into a simplicity and an innocence that is a natural part of being a child.   

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