Psalm 65 – God’s Got Us

This morning, I read Psalm 65 which could best be described as a “thundering” song of the greatness of God. It is all about the power of God seen in the bounty of Creation. There’s words about awesome deeds, hope to the ends of the earth, strength that created all, the power over the seas, and the list goes on. It is a beautiful, lyrical, and powerful song. But the thing that has been sticking with me the last few days is this picture for today. I took this on a hike on Wednesday morning – the day after we had a flooded basement and all the stresses that comes with that, in addition to everything else at this time. So on this hike, I just noticed this one little yellow leaf that had fallen and come to rest on the leaves of the other plant. And it spoke to me of God holding us up. It felt to me like a hand (notice 5 green leaves) holding up the one that had fallen.

So, in the context of this thundering Psalm of God’s greatness, comes to me the reminder that even in the midst, God sees you and sees me. And not just sees but holds and cares.

A few years ago, my “catchphrase” through a difficult transition was simply, “God’s Got This” and recently it has shifted to not just a focus on the situation but on all of us. God’s Got Us. Just like this little plant and little leaf.

God’s Got Us.

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