Last Night’s Dream

So last night, I had an incredibly vivid dream that took place in this picture above.  I took this picture at a waterfall near Seattle several years ago. It is the sun hitting the mist that was coming off the falling water.  It always spoke to me of the Holy Spirit.  In the dream, I saw a robin’s nest and there was one egg in it that had not yet hatched.  As I looked, the mists of the water were falling around it and the egg started to hatch and at first a tiny little bird (not a robin, interestingly enough) started to emerge.  But it quickly started to grow and grew into a giant multicolor bird that seemed to float on the wispy clouds of mist that are in the picture.  It didn’t look like it was flying but instead seemed to be held by the mists.  The dream was so incredibly vivid, it was almost as if I could feel the coolness of the mist and the warmth of the late afternoon sunshine.  And that was the fullness of the dream.  

As I was praying about it this morning, what kept coming to mind to me was how that tiny robin egg seemed so insignificant at first.  A robin egg is a tiny little thing (about the size of a quarter).  But somehow this huge, majestic, beautiful bird came out of this tiny thing and what it spoke to me was it being carried on the winds and wisps of the Holy Spirit.  

Church, what I am hearing in this is that we are that egg and that bird.  Right now there’s so much that feels like we are so small, so insignificant.  The issues in our world right now (climate change, pandemic, racial and societal upheavals) all seem so big, so insurmountable that it can feel like there’s nothing we can do.  And on our own, maybe not.  But when we are touched with the power of the Holy Spirit, we grow into something far bigger, far more beautiful, far more unique.  We are carried on the wisps of the Spirit and we can be a part of the transformation of the world that might seem otherwise impossible.  

I share this because I want to encourage you that we can and we are making a difference. But here’s the thing, when we open ourselves to the Spirit, we are led where the Spirit takes us and not always where we want to go. In this in-between space that we are all finding ourselves within, be willing to be carried into things that may push you, may challenge you and will transform you into the fullness of who God has made us ALL (and when I say ALL, I mean ALL) to be.

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