Understanding Our History

This is a short post because the video embedded below is a lot more. But one of the things that has been really challenging for me in my life has been working on being honest with my own personal history – the blessings and challenges that have been there. But having to do that work in order to come to a place of greater health in the present. And it is an ongoing process.

It does, however, need to be something that isn’t just happening in us as individuals but also in our collective histories – in our churches, in our towns, in our country. Looking honestly at our histories doesn’t mean that we don’t love our families, our towns, our country, but in fact it means we love them so much that we want to grow.

So, the video below is my reflections upon the town that I live in and understanding some of the racial history of the community. The things I share come from conversations with long-time residents, historians, and from individual experiences. I don’t name the community because I would like you to reflect upon your own community – insert its name throughout – what is the racial history of where you live?

As the saying goes…those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

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