Gratitude for This Moment

The other thing that was happening this morning while I was out was listening to my daily meditation from Calm. Today’s was about finding gratitude in that exact moment from when you were listening. So there I was in that beautiful morning and here’s all that came to my heart as I reflected in gratitude.

  • For the brilliance of the purple/pink light that colored everything
  • For the coolness and stillness of the morning as we walked
  • That I had looked outside when I did to see the beauty that was emerging
  • For Scout bounding alongside me on yet another morning walk
  • For my beautiful family (who all happened to still be asleep)
  • For a heart that has been transformed to want to seek beauty each and every day
  • For the practice of gratitude over the last several years that has changed my life.
  • For the redemption and hope in the Creator whose fingerprints are all over the canvas of creation
  • For healing and transformation
  • For a willingness to open and to share these stirrings
  • For another day to be who God has created me to be and to do what God has called me to do.
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