Emerging Growing

This morning. I was out at on the same path as the other day  when I saw that one bloom starting to appear in the early morning surrounded by hundreds of others still waiting to bloom.  

This morning, I saw that same one but this time, right next to it was another that was starting to emerge.  These were only two of 4 blooms total that I counted along that path and the others were far separated.  But these two were right there with one another and my first reaction was that they were looking at each other / talking with each other.  

That’s how change happens.  It happens by one prophetic voice speaking up that is joined by another and by another and by another.  That is the way of Jesus.  He talked to one by the lake shore, then another on the street, and they talked to others and the movement spread.  

To me, that’s where hope is in this current time.  Change isn’t going to come with the megaphone just shouting at one another.  It is going to happen by two coming together, then joined by a third, and then a fourth.  And just like these two here, in that there is incredible beauty.  And in that there is God.  After all, we read in Matthew 18:20 where Jesus has just finished speaking about how you work out differences among one another…

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

Matthew 18:20
Two flowers talking with each other
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