Psalm 136 – Create Your Own Liturgy

So, I got in trouble with my sister the other day because she thought I was done sharing reflections upon the Psalms. There were still 16 more to go after I finished with 134. So, there will be several more before I’m done with this round of them (although I am sure I will return). Anyway, Psalm 136…

Psalm 136 is a recounting of the faithfulness of God to the people not just in a single moment but over years and decades. And it reads like a responsive liturgy – after each remembrance of history…”God’s steadfast love endures forever.”. When I read this a few weeks ago (actually two weeks ago today), I wrote my own and ended up with about 50 things that spoke of God’s steadfast love as I have experienced it in my own life. One that I listed was not this rock but where this rock is – one of my dearest nature spots in Cincinnati. I can look at this rock and remember the steadfast love of God that I have experienced in that place many times over. But there were also people, moments, experiences – all of which made up my own personal Psalm 136.

What would be your own Psalm 136? What pieces would make up the verses to which the congregation would respond… God’s steadfast love endures forever…

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