PhotoPsalm 2 – Round

The morning path may not have been perfectly round but it was a-round.

I felt more grounded as I walked barefoot, feeling the rain that had pooled and the rocks and the pavement and the wet leaves.  

I saw a snail making a slow, dangerous trek across the path and I wonder if it gave thanks that it wasn’t stepped on by the two-legged or eaten by the four-legged

I took in new colors of blooms – purple emerging alongside the yellows that are starting to fade.  

I marveled at the delicateness of the water drop that hung seemingly impossibly beneath the bloom.  

I was blessed by the brightness of this bed of flowers as we neared where we began.  

I felt the pull of my dog as she was taunted by a squirrel overhead.

I laughed as she stood herself up to the wall in hopes of reaching the chattering animal.  

I felt.  
I saw.  
I took in.  
I marveled.  
I was blessed.  
I felt.  
I laughed.  

All of these part of how God created us to embrace the fullness of this beautiful, wild, and precious life.  

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