PhotoPsalm 12 – Conversation

It began with a lone bloom
just starting to emerge,
not yet fully formed.
A single voice amidst the silence.

In days that followed, it opened
and was joined by several others
opening up to one another
voices joining the conversation.

More and more began to emerge.
Each day bringing more blooms.
Each unique and beautiful.
A breadth of voices in concert.

At one point it seemed
each was in bloom.
A wall of color and life.
Countless voices.

Weeks passed. Blooms began to fade.
Early ones began to wilt.
But others standing strong.
Still speaking. Still listening

But now only a few remain.
Tired, empty stems still standing
but without the once glorious petaled color.
It has been a long few months.

Those that remain still speak
even in the midst of wearied times
and colder mornings.
Voices speaking in the wilderness.

Lord, please let us continue
to listen and to speak.

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