Beauty Three Ways

This morning was a rather drab morning.  Grey skies, cold breezes, and the beginnings of the end of Fall colors.  It was also a Monday.  And a morning when I heard about a friend’s house being vandalized because of a sign in her yard.  And the pandemic continues to spread.  And it is still 2020.  As Richard Rohr writes quite a bit, we are in the “disorder” part of his order, disorder, reorder way of viewing the world.  

So, what did I do?  I went for a walk with Scout.  And I came to this place.  Three choices ahead.  All of them good.  Go left and into the remaining gold leaves.  Go right and along a path that I don’t remember having taken before.  Or simply stop and sit and rest.  

Beauty.  Three Ways.  

Which would you choose?

(I went right onto the path that I hadn’t hiked before)

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