PhotoPsalm 15 – Triune Space

Lord, I keep returning to this place.
Four times over the last week.
Just in those seven days
it has transformed from
full autumn colors to
the empty branches of Winter.
Powerful winds fell the leaves
until only a few remain.

Three choices
with each feeling like a piece of You.

My first time drawn to the right.
To the new and unfamiliar path.
Much like the Way of Jesus.
A path into the new and unfamiliar.
Exciting, hopeful, adventurous
of what might be ahead.

The second time I was drawn
to the left.
The trail where I would
follow where I had been before.
Comforting, assuring, powerful
of what has been.

The third time I was drawn
to the bench.
Well-worn yet still solid.
I would sit and rest.
Listen, feel, breathe in
of the ever-present Ruach.

The fourth time
I could take in the whole.
Leaves that had blocked views had fallen.
Grey skies replaced with blue.
Sunlight initially muted
now shining brightly
A space of feeling and seeing
the Triune God.
The Redeemer who leads into new paths.
The Creator who laid the foundations.
The Sustainer who still speaks.

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