PhotoPsalm 17 – Two Crossings, One Way

One from the Creator
One from the created
One colorful and vibrant
One weathered by the years
One requires a slower pace
One crossed quickly.
One crossed in a line
One crossed side by side
One limits who is able to cross
One open to all
One moves in the crossing
One stays solid.
Both are crossings
Both lead to the other side
Both show the Way of Jesus

A little bit about this reflection.  I started writing this contrasting the two crossings and seeing the fallen log as the primary way of crossing.  It was “natural” and reflected the fact that the Way of Jesus isn’t always smooth and perfect.  Sometimes it is uncertain and unsettled.   So, I started to write this and as I wrote I found myself looking at the bridge and seeing how the bridge opened up the crossing to even more people.  There are people who, for whatever reason, cannot cross over via the log and would need to use the bridge. The log doesn’t allow people to walk across side-by-side whereas the bridge does.  So, that’s how this shifted from setting one crossing against the other to instead a reflection on how it is a both-and.  

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