I sent this photo to a friend this morning after she and I had been texting about the challenges of ministry in this time.  She replied back with this…

I do a Celtic Advent devotional every year (40 days for the Celts) and today was about their deep belief that God signals to us through all of His creation… so what is this telling you?

Enjoy the blessings and the moments when they come…that’s what I am hearing.   Today has largely been a grey and rainy day but there was a moment this morning when the sun came out around 8a.  It could not have been more than about 5 minutes but I poked my head outside and saw a full rainbow, stretching across the sky.  It was stunning.  Rather than grabbing my camera, I got my wife who was just waking up but in the 30 seconds or so that it was for when she came out to see, this was what was left.  We were able to share that moment of blessing and beauty as our day started.  Enjoy the moments when they come, soak them in, rejoice in them, hold to them, share them, take them in with others.  That’s what I hear today.  

Thank you, friend, for asking the question.  

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