Reflections of Christmas

It was a very different Christmas this year. I am used to getting home around 12am or later following Christmas Eve services but this year I was in bed by about 1015pm. But I was still the first one up on Christmas Day and took some time with Scout on the couch when I first got up. She stretched her way up to my side and moved into what we call “Belly-rub-o-clock.”. It was pretty darn sweet. But as I took a photo with my phone, I noticed something – how many places I saw the reflections of the Christmas lights. The colors shone on Scout’s belly, on the back of the couch where we were laying, on the crosses and the wall behind the tree, on the photos hanging on the wall to the side, the ceiling was no longer simply white but instead a kaleidoscope of colors, and I am sure that if I took a photo of myself, the colors would be reflected on my face as well.

When I reflect upon the Christmas story, what I hope and pray for is that the love, grace, and mercy that are at the root of the Jesus story color literally every part of life and creation.

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