Bowing to 2020 – June, July, August

The words for me as I bow to 2020’s summer are coincidence and intentionality.  As we moved out of the immediateness of the unknown of the pandemic, I found myself really trying to be intentional about finding spaces of hope, beauty, and joy but then also finding those same things in coincidental moments.  I spent several days on retreat in Indiana where I was intentional about time at their prayer labyrinth, in sleeping and resting, and in writing but even with that were moments like the one with the small sprout in the sunlight.  That was a right place, right time type of thing.  Same with the sun rays shining on the path – that happened to be me just getting to that path here in Cincinnati just when the sun hit the morning haze at the right time.  And then there was the field of sunflowers – that was intentionality of waking up early, driving to the northern part of the city to be there for sunrise.  

I believe that is how we are to live – with intentionality in the ways that we seek to follow Jesus but also knowing that God moves and acts and works and shows up in times, places, and in people that we do not expect.  As much as we want to be in control, I am reminded time and time again that we are not.  But when we are intentional about seeing God, I believe we will see God.  When we are intentional for looking for beauty, we will see beauty.  When we are intentional about living with joy, we will find joy.  

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