The Second Gaze – Path

Three times in the last week, I woke up around 3am thinking about labyrinths. I’ve been working on ideas around another Holy Week online activity like I did last year for the stations of the cross but each idea felt like a dead end.  But there was something stirring about labyrinths…about these looping paths that lead to a holy center.  

A year ago when we first started this Covid thing, I spent time most every day at this labyrinth … walking, praying, listening. Some times I brought Scout but learned that dogs don’t quite understand this labyrinth thing.  

Praying the labyrinth really drew me in years ago as I started to focus on my faith as the steps along the way and not necessarily the destination.  That’s the beauty of the labyrinth – there are no dead ends – only a path that at times feels very close to the center and at times feels further away.  At times feels like it is a long consistent walk and others when it feels like it keeps twisting and turning.  That to me, is the path of life.  

Teach me your way, O Lord
that I may walk in truth.  

Psalm 86:11
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